Service & Repairs

Take advantage of our refurbishments and ongoing audits, we provide a full asset status list and 24hr response units.

transformer maintenance servicesMini-substation and power transformer maintenance services – Both internationally and here in South Africa, the cost of maintaining enterprises that rely on robust loads of electricity is strangling many initiatives. The rising costs of replacing equipment is forcing organisations to become more conscious of refurbishments and machinery lifespans. Saving money and increasing output is critical to survival in the current economic climate.

Locally, SA has experienced enormous growth over the past ten years, especially within the building and construction sector. Semeg now offers a complete service for Sub-Saharan clients in the construction or mining sectors to increase production efficiency in this regard. We provide ongoing onsite audits, which not only provide the status of the transformers or mini-substations but also produce a full asset list to promote complete transparency and control.

We provide:

Sampling and testing of transformer oil Purification of transformer oil onsite
Refurbishment and rewinding of transformers Transformer and mini-substation audits
AutoCAD 3-dimensional drawings

Transformer Maintenance Services

To ensure complete service delivery and customer satisfaction, we offer onsite teams that operate as a 24-hour response assistance unit. This ensures that our clients are provided with full installation solutions, as well as maintenance and emergency support. Our incredibly efficient field resources are able to overhaul high voltage and electronic equipment for the mining, digging, construction and utilities industries.

This has several benefits:

It can extend the lifespan of your equipment and machinery It can increase overall output and profitability

Being an ISO compliant company, Stonebridge has full work procedures mapped, throughout our dispatch points we endeavor to offer full customer requirements and all standard specifications. With an ongoing focus on improving housekeeping, quality, as well as health and safety touch points, we ensure constant customer satisfaction within the realm of upkeep, service and repairs.

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