Power Transformers

Our full-scale Power Transformer manufacturing plant, based in Roodekop, can provide power and distribution transformers of up to 3150kVA 33kv.

Power TransformersPower Transformers – As the global demand for electricity grows, and with major expansions happening in power utilities and infrastructure here in SA – you need to partner with a company that continually provides cutting-edge solutions.

That’s why we’ve become especially powerful in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of transformers, which are critical components required for the transmission of electricity – essential for hundreds of enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Semeg provides both Power Transformers (high voltage) and distribution transformers (low-voltage), as well as years of experience in the mining and construction sectors. Our advice and customized recommendations are already tried and tested through years of experience. We also keep our finger on the pulse of emerging technologies; providing advice on ways to optimise your operation’s cost and output efficiencies. Call us and speak to one of our expert consultants for more information.

With us you’re guaranteed a full lifecycle solution, from design, manufacturing and installation to the repair and servicing of these fundamental devices – we take care of it all with our expert teams. Our full-scale manufacturing plant is based in Roodekop, Germiston, and can provide both power and distribution transformers of up to 3150 kVA 33kv

Here are some more products and services available in our range:

Convertor transformers Furnace transformers
Autotransformer starters Dry type transformers up to 1000 KVA 11 KV
Sampling and testing of transformer oil Purification of transformer oil on site
Refurbishment and rewinding of transformers

Our units more than provide power for systems and operations, they’re reliable, efficient and in some cases – nearly silent. Stonebridge offers a complete solution from advice to manufacture, transport and commissioning maintenance of large, medium and small transformers. Each one is specially audited and maintained when you partner with our service teams, and each transformer is designed according to individual elements, such as:

Voltage Power
Climate System topography
Sound level
Contact us for more information on our transformers and increase the cost-efficiency of your operation today.

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