All of Semeg’s stakeholders, from the top-level decision-makers to the teams out in the field, are confident enough to openly care about and prioritise customer satisfaction. We strive to always offer the highest quality of service delivery possible to each of our industrial engineering partners and clients.

Semeg Group

Semeg Group

In 2010, there was a shift in the industry that allowed for a new enterprise to emerge, which attracted over 35 years of experience in the transformer sector to align. Over time, partnerships were formed and this evolving initiative also branched into producing mini-substations for the mining industry.

In 2012, this partnership had dissipated and the company known today as Semeg was started. During 2013, the purchasing of ADD Sheetmetal further leveraged the organisation’s growth into metalworks, particularly in the service and fabrication arenas.

Today, the Semeg Group has earned a well-deserved reputation for transparency and positive development within the South African economy. We’re ISO compliant, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on any of our founding members or service history.

Meet Our Directors

Claudio Agrizzi – Managing Director: