What we do

electromechanical engineering technology

At the core of our businesses you’ll find reliable delivery of high-quality technical equipment, as well as specialised engineering support and expertise for even the most demanding of client requirements and applications. If you’re a decision-maker in any of the following sectors, give us a call for more details:

Building and Construction Mining and Industries
Municipalities Power Utilities
Transportation and Rail Telecommunications


We provide a range of solutions in the transformer, mini-substation and metalwork sectors. Browse the list below for more information regarding this lineup:

Power and distribution transformers up to 3150 KVA 33KV Convertor transformers
Furnace transformers Autotransformer starters
Dry type transformers up to 1000 KVA 11 KV Sampling and testing of transformer oil
Purification of transformer oil on site Refurbishment and rewinding of transformers
Surface and underground mini-substation up to1250KVA 22KV Transformer and mini-substation audits
Panels and steel fabrication Security doors and windows
Custom made panels for electrical/mechanical use Fabrication to clients requirements
AutoCAD 3 dimensional drawings



Semeg is proud to have clients situated throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as even further abroad. We successfully supply enterprises in Canada’s mining sectors. This is due to our transformers being more cost effective – and of a higher quality – than those supplied by India or China. Similarly, our sheet metalworks division is just as highly acclaimed, producing superior quality fabrications, such as:

Lockers Safes
Door frames Electrical Panels
DB Boards Switchgears

As a world leader in electromechanical engineering and metal works, we also provide cutting-edge service and repair solutions for our mini-substations and transformers. Additionally, Semeg is constantly researching a range of emerging technologies to offer – especially in regards to solar-power.

Partnering with our organisation guarantees innovation and optimisation of almost any enterprise reliant on electro-mechanical components. Our experts and consultants are well-versed in finding the best solutions for your specific operation.